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Top 10 Reasons to Hire
New Jersey Window Washing.

#1 Fully insured and bonded:
NJ Window Washing is fully insured and bonded to include workmans compensation. We use Buiten & Associates as our insurance carrier. Please feel free to contact Susie Berkenpas for a copy of our insurance certificate. Or call us now and we will be happy to provide you with one. (1-877-744-6388).

Click Here to read why hiring an insured window cleaner is important.

#2 Cutting Edge Technology:
New Jersey Window Washing uses the latest in window cleaning technology. In some instances we are capable of cleaning the exterior glass of your home or mid-rise office building with a Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization system. The system makes absolutely 99.9% clean water. Water in this state makes a great cleaning agent and needs no chemicals to clean your windows. The process is 100% bio-degradable, providing results that are far superior to the traditional cleaning methods.

#3 No Hidden Fees:
New Jersey Window Washing practices up front and honest pricing. We give rough quotes over the phone. We are not afraid to inform you how much we charge per window. New Jersey Window Washing offers a simple and straight forward price list. When we show up to your home for an estimate, we give you the honest truth about your windows and the cleaning process our company prides itself in. We perform all on site estimates on Mondays. Call today to receive a rough phone quote and schedule an on site estimate.

#4 We don't offer 50 different services.
We pride ourselves in not offering too many services. We feel some companies want to be experts in everything but masters of nothing. We are here to help you complete some annoying and dangerous chores around your building. Our specialties are window cleaning and power washing. We are educated in all the services we offer, but masters of glass. We don't remove mold, trash, bags of yard debris, wood or anything else from your location. We won't clean your floors, carpets, water proof anything, clean your bathroom, perform construction projects, build decks or anything else for that matter. If you are looking for someone to clean your windows with a bucket & rag, wearing flip flops, with last nights beer breath to clean your windows, please do not call us.

#5 Uniformed & Trained employees:
Our employees will appear at your location wearing clothing with our company’s Logo and phone number. Their appearance will be neat and groomed at all times. Our employees receive full training on proper chemical use & disposal, equipment and tool safety. Along with spotting glass defects.

#6 We return phone calls & show up:
Tired of calling companies for service and no one returns your calls or shows up? In the event we cannot answer the phone immediately we will return all phone inquiries within 24 hours. Our company prides itself in showing up to your home at the agreed upon time. In the event we are running a little late, we will call to notify you.

#7 Green (environmental friendly):
New Jersey Window Washing takes great pride in using products that are bio-degradable and non-toxic in the glass cleaning process. We feel this separates our company from the competition. Showing we not only value the appearance of our customers' glass, but also value their health and safety along with our planets welfare.

#8 Service guarantee:
Once the window cleaning process is completed, we will walk throughout your location with you to ensure you're 100% satisfied with the quality of your windows. If at anytime you are dissatisfied, inform us immediately and we will resolve the issue until you are 100% satisfied. We want to ensure we leave your home with a smile on your face. If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of our work you don't have to pay anything.

#9 Award Winning Service:
New Jersey Window Washing was awarded "Window Cleaner of the Month" for April 2007 by the MWCoA (Master Window Cleaners of America). These Prestigious Awards are given for "Outstanding contributions to the improvement and promotion of the Association and the Professional Window Cleaning Industry."

#10 Owner operated:
Hello, my name is Raymond J. Fulgoni (Ray) owner of New Jersey Window Washing. When you use New Jersey Window Washing service you will remain a friend and loyal customer for years to come.

Thank you.

"When New Jersey Window Washing completes its window cleaning services,
our customers days are always brighter." R.F.


Hiring a non-insured company to work on your home
can cost you more then you bargined for.

"Now that you may have narrowed down your choices as to the window cleaner you want to hire, your next step is to make sure that the window cleaner you hire will limit your personal liability for injuries that occur on the job site. The best way to do so is to make sure that the window cleaner has workmen's compensation insurance to cover the injuries of his own employees working at your home.

You will want to make sure that the insurance is current and the policy is large enough to cover everyone working including the window cleaner and his employees. Without adequate insurance, you may end up footing the bill for any injuries the members of the crew sustain on the job."

Un-insured window cleaners and home cleaning companies

When you as a homeowner have an un-insured window cleaner or home cleaning company doing work on your property, you put yourself at tremendous financial risk. You run the risk of being subject to  anyone, or even all of the following if the window cleaner is injured while working on your home:

  • Medical bills for injured window cleaner or home cleaning company employee
  • Lawsuit by window cleaner or home cleaning company
  • Increase in insurance policy cost or cancelation of policy by insurance company

Many homeowners do not know that home cleaning companies (maid services) insurance provider will not cover the company for cleaning the outside windows. Home cleaning is to be performed inside and this is what they are insured for. They are not insured for cleaning the outside windows and more so, not cleaning the 2nd level outside windows. Even if your windows "Tilt In".

Regardless of whether the window cleaner is just cleaning your screens or your entire home, if you hire an uninsured window cleaning company you open yourself up to significant liability as a homeowner.

Hazards of hiring the uninsured window cleaner

While insurance isn't necessarily a measure of competence, it does imply a certain level of professionalism and suggests that the window cleaner is committed to his or her job. More significantly, insurance can protect you from a number of potential problems, such as the following:

  • Uninsured:
    If you use a window cleaner who is uninsured, it means the window cleaner has no way of reimbursing you for any property damage he or she causes. This means you end up paying the price. Likewise, if the window cleaner carelessness leads to injury or damage to someone else's property, the problem is likely to become yours.

  • No coverage under homeowner's policy:
    Some homeowners believe it is safe to use an uninsured window cleaner, assuming that any damages incurred would be covered under their homeowners insurance policies. However, this isn't the case. Most homeowner policies require that any work to the property be done by state registered window cleaning companies; coverage is often specifically excluded for damages caused by "bootleg" window cleaners.

  • Poor quality work:
    Not all non-state registered window cleaning companies do poor quality work. However, as a rule, if there's shoddy work to be done, it's usually done by non-registered window cleaners. Because non-state registered window cleaners aren't subject to meeting specific standards, they are often untrained, less experienced, and unqualified to do certain types of work.

  • Con artists:
    Scams in the home maintainence industry have become almost legendary in the last few decades. Con artists posing as qualified window cleaners, and often targeting the elderly, have made national news many number of times. Even so unwary homeowners continue to be taken in by these pseudo window cleaners, who often promise unrealistically low prices or use scare tactics to close the deal. In these cases, the homeowner typically ends up with either an incomplete or a low quality project - and several hundred, or even thousands of dollars out of pocket expense.

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What our clients say about our service.

"I live on the ocean. my windows were disgusting. I had Mr. Fulgoni came and scrape off all the junk that the ocean leaves on the glass. My home is brand new and only 2 years old. I was shocked how dirty the windows became. After Mr. Fulgoni left my home I was even more shocked how clean the windows were. My neighbors are all jealous and have decided to call NJ Window Washing."
W. Sage
Belford, NJ

Dirty Glass Clean Glass
Before  /  After

"Outstanding job. The windows look great. It's nice to be able to see the ocean again. James K, Sea Bright, NJ

Sea Bright New Jersey

"My wife an I both have hectic schedules with work and 2 children. We live on a main road and our windows get very dirty, fast. We always put our windows on our weekend chore list, but never get around to completing them. Great service and great prices. It was nice to see a company today that still has these qualities. "
Tim C.
Lincroft, NJ

Window 1 Window 2 Window 3

Window 4 Window 5 Window 6 Window 7

"Our home looks great! We will be calling again for service in the fall."
Mr. & Mrs. Rae
Freehold, NJ

Rae Residential Windows

"I always like to read the morning paper in my sun room before heading out to the office. My windows had become so dirty they were a constant distraction. After New Jersey Window Washing cleaned them, life is back to normal. Thank you so much."
Mr. F. Stern M.D.
Toms River, NJ

Dr Stern Home

"We were in the process of moving into our new home. Mr. Fulgoni was so accommodating working around our moving crew. We had a house warming party a few days later and everyone was commenting on how great the windows looked. We referred his company to all of our guests."
Mr. & Mrs Corker
Holmdel, NJ

Corker Residence

"We recently moved here from NY. We used to have our windows cleaned in our old home and decided to find a company here. Mr. Fulgoni went the extra mile in making us feel as special as our old company did. We have since referred him to all our neighbors and have scheduled his services for Labor Day."
Mr. & Mrs. Ferria
Middletown, NJ

Ferria Home


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Dirty Screens
Clean Screen



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